808 Ward Avenue, Caruthersville, Mo. 63830
(573) 333-2300

Our Team

Jane Fike
Funeral Home Director
(573) 359-7230 Jane was born and raised in Caruthersville, Missouri.  After high school, she attended University of Missouri. She is retired from...
Kenny Lee
Kenny was born and raised in Caruthersville.  He graduated from Caruthersville High School. He is the pastor of the Caruthersville Wesleyan Church...
Kristi Hall
Funeral Home Director
(573) 333-2300 Kristi is a Caruthersville High School grad.  She graduated from the Mountain Home campus of Arkansas State with a Mortuary Science...
PG Maners
Funeral Home Manager
P.G. is a graduate of Caruthersville High School.   P.G. works as a funeral director and also as the overseer of both Morgan Ridge Cemetery and...
Rick Clark
Funeral Home Director
(573) 333-2300 Rick was born and raised in Caruthersville.  After high school, he received his degree in mortuary science from California College...
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